At the core of our service lies hospitality, an indispensable element of our operation. We view it as a transformative aspect of our business, opening doors to fulfillment and joy. Flora Hospitality continuously embraces change, presenting a dynamic vision and implementing modern strategies that resonate with numerous individuals. Our commitment to hospitality touches hearts, creating a lasting impact through well-crafted plans and a forward-thinking approach.


Ontime Staffing Solutions stands as the premier choice for staffing solutions in the UAE, catering to the diverse needs of organizations. Renowned for its expertise, Ontime offers comprehensive and tailored plans to address any staffing challenges. With a keen focus on rectifying workforce-related issues, Ontime presents innovative and effective solutions that align with organizational requirements. As a trusted partner, Ontime offers flexible staff hiring options, ensuring organizations have access to the right talent at the right time. Their commitment to excellence has solidified their reputation as the go-to resource for all staffing needs.


We embrace the spirit of modernity and strive to fulfill the aspirations of individuals. Our adept management of shopping malls reflects our meticulous attention to detail and forward-thinking mindset, preparing us for future adaptations. Leading the way in innovation, we proudly own and operate Oberon Mall, the pioneering lifestyle mall in Kochi. By staying ahead of the curve, we ensure that our malls resonate with the evolving needs and desires of our patrons, thus providing them with an exceptional and fulfilling shopping experience.


Pearl Investment takes pride in spearheading a highly proficient team specializing in General Trading. With a focus on efficiency and skill, we ensure optimal performance in our operations. Our extensive network cuts across renowned industries and diverse business platforms, fostering valuable connections. Our deep understanding of market dynamics and the intricacies of its function enables us to navigate its ebb and flow with expertise. At Pearl Investment, we stay updated with market trends and developments, thereby allowing us to make informed decisions and capitalize on opportunities. With our commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver exceptional outcomes in the realm of General Trading.


Pearl Investment LLC is your trusted partner in real estate, specializing in the thriving markets of the UAE and India. We offer a wide range of investment opportunities in residential and commercial properties. With a portfolio of prestigious residential properties and expertise in commercial real estate, we provide lucrative investment prospects in emerging business districts and prime commercial areas. As we expand into Saudi Arabia, our experienced team ensures exceptional service, personalized solutions, and tailored guidance for investors. Whether you’re seasoned or new to real estate, contact us today to explore exciting opportunities in the UAE, India, and soon, Saudi Arabia. Let’s build a prosperous future together.


As the journey gains its progressive momentum, we expand our base and shift focus to new areas and missions. The borders have become even wider and we anchor on prospective lands with a view to enliven culture and enrich our services that touch lives and its many layers. We adhere to maintain the reliability, fairness, integrity, and standards of Pearl Investment Group all along and everywhere and are always in pursuit of innovations and changes.


SBK, established in 1995 has a long tradition of service in the area of real-estate and property management.SBK currently has15,000+ tenents in 270+ residential and commercial buildings and meticulous property maintanence makes SBK a prefered real estate partner fot both tenets and landloards.SBK Genaral trading is an offshoot ofSBK Group,a versatile trading company with leading operations in the UAE and india.

This is for the younger ones who brightens up tomorrows’s world. It has evolved as the futuristic entity which could provide opportunities to be entrepreneurs in the edutech industry

The 90+ My Tuition App has been innovatively introduced to suit the changing times and the drastic progress in the learning arena. With a scientific and expertise approach, the app has made out to be the perfect companion for enthusiastic students.

Oberon Mall, the first unique lifestyle center in Kochi, India is conceptualised, developed and promoted by the Oberon Group of Companies in the year 2008. The Mall has brought.Kochi another metro phase with leading National and International brands showcased.Spanning more than 3,50,000 /-sq. ft, Oberon Mall is vibrant and in vogue with versatile food, appealing entertainment and multiplex screenings.

Travancore Blue Metal Industries (P) LTD,with head office in Trivandrum, is a leading source for blue metals across the southern districts of Kerala. The metal crusher unit here is additionally equipped with a technologically advanced laboratory that ensures quality and innovation of its products. Majorly catering to road and infrastructure construction, the unit manufactures superior quality blue metals and manufactured sand. Apart from this, group currently has 5 other quarries and crusher units across Kerala.